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University of Pittsburgh

University Purchasing of Radioactive Materials

All requisitions for radioactive material must be submitted to the Radiation Safety Office (RSO) for approval prior to order placement. Non-radioactive materials may not be ordered on the same requisition or P.O. as radioactive materials. Radiation Safety will forward the approved requisition to the appropriate Purchasing Department for prompt processing.

Electronic orders

University purchasers are encouraged to use the PantherExpress System for orders. Approved PantherExpress System suppliers include Perkin Elmer and Fisher Scientific for MP Biomedicals products. Orders placed in the PantherExpress System with these suppliers for radioactive items are coded to route the requisition to the Radiation Safety Office for approval. To order MP Biomedicals products through Fisher Scientific please search for the items you want to purchase using the Hosted Catalog search box and add it to your cart. Radioactive items from MP Biomedicals through Fisher Scientific are not available for purchase out of the Fisher Scientific punchout.

Purchases from other vendors may be found in the PantherExpress System by using "Non-Catalog Form" on the site. In part B, the check box next to the "Radioactive" symbol must be checked.

Orders placed through the PRISM system are not allowed because the system does not allow for RSO approval.

Telephone orders

Telephone orders using a P-Card or other credit card are not allowed because this practice does not allow for RSO approval.

Paper Requisitions

As not all radiochemical vendors are in the electronic ordering systems, it may be necessary to use a paper requisition to place the order. Paper requisitions may be mailed or faxed (412-624-3562) to the RSO for approval.

Please mark all requisitions for radioactive materials with the words "Radioactive Material." This will assist departmental personnel who place orders and the purchasing departments in recognizing that RSO approval is necessary

All requisitions must contain the following information:

  • Authorized User Name: If delivery is to the attention of someone other than the Authorized User, include the Authorized User's name after the individual's name, i.e., Smith/Jones.
  • Final Delivery Location: This should be an approved radiation laboratory in most cases. Note: All materials will be initially delivered to the Radiation Safety Office.