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University of Pittsburgh

Waste Collection

Waste CollectionThe following is a listing of locations where radioactive waste materials are collected. For facilities not listed, contact the RSO for instruction regarding waste disposal.

Radioactive Waste Storage Locations

Biomedical Science Tower 3

Room 2023

Access key obtained through Dock Manager

Biomedical Science Tower

BST Loading dock

Call RSO for Pickup

Bridgeside Point 1

Loading dock cabinet

Keys issued to individual users


Bridgeside Point 2

Room 201A

Card access

Eye and Ear Institute

Use BST Loading Dock

Call RSO for Pickup



Card Access

Hillman Cancer Center

Room G.7

Wed 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Langley Hall

Parking Garage

Access key obtained through Biological Stock Room.

Magee Womens Hospital

MWH Loading dock

Access key obtained through Safety and Security Department

Magee Womens Research Institute

Room 100

Access with building key

Montefiore Hospital

Room N-307

Access key available on each research floor

Rangos Research Center

Room 3528

Access Keys issued to Individual Users or
Available from research administration

Salk Pavilion, Room 114

Card Access

Salk Hall, Room 222B

Access Key obtained through Receiving Dept.,
Room 224

Scaife Hall Loading dock

Vault A

Tues 10:00 am to 11:00 pm


Room E-110A

Access key obtained through purchasing office