Radiation Safety Committees

Radiation Safety Committee

The University of Pittsburgh’s Radiation Safety Program is directed by the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) which reports to the Vice Chancellor of Research Protections. Membership of the RSC includes Authorized Users and representatives of the major types of use of radioactive material and ionizing radiation-generating devices, along with representatives from University Administration and Office of General Counsel, UPMC Administration and Corporate Legal Counsel, and the University Radiation Safety Officer.

The RSC has the following authorities and responsibilities:

  • Establish policy and standards of practice for the Radiation Safety Program.
  • Provide approval/disapproval of individuals applying to become Authorized Users.
  • Provide approval/disapproval of new types or modalities of use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing equipment.
  • Review radiation safety incidents, issues, and violations, and recommend corrective actions.
  • Review a summary of the occupational radiation dose records and recommendations on ways to maintain doses as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).
  • Review the Radiation Safety Program to determine that all activities are being conducted in accordance with radiation safety policy, license conditions, and regulatory requirements.

Radiation Safety Subcommittees

The RSC has three standing subcommittees with specialized authority and responsibility in support of the Radiation Safety Program.

  1. Executive Committee
    The committee has the authority and responsibility to act on behalf of the RSC on issues requiring immediate action.
  2. Subcommittee on Human Research Use of Radioisotopes and X-Ray Producing Equipment
    The committee has the authority and responsibility to review and approve all proposed human research uses of radioactive material and X-Ray producing equipment.
  3. Radioactive Drug Research Committee
    The committee has the authority and responsibility to review and approve the research use of radioactive drugs in accordance with FDA regulations.

Hospital Radiation Safety Committees

Each hospital covered under the University’s Radiation Safety Program has its own Radiation Safety Committee as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. These committees respond to local issues and report to the University RSC. The following individuals currently chair their respective committees:

  • UPMC Presbyterian and Shadyside, Judi Joyce, MD
  • Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Kristen Harman
  • Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC, Christine Hakim, MD