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Online Access to Your Individual Dose Report

The Individual Dose Report (IDR) by Landauer allows badged workers to login and look up their dose records online.

To protect your privacy, dose records will be displayed without any personal informationA step-by-step instruction is listed below – please note that if any information is provided incorrectly at any step, the website will return to the login page.

Step 1
To use the feature, go to:
Username: idrpitt
Password: RadDose247*


Step 2
Once logged in, select your Account, which can be found at the back of your whole-body dosimeter. Make sure you select the correct account number. If you are a university researcher that only has a ring dosimeter, select “713570 UNIV OF PITTSBUGH”.


Step 3
On next page, enter the dosimeter Account Number. The Serial Number is located just above the barcode on the back of the badge.

Step 4
After you enter your dosimeter information, you will see a summary of your dosimetry results. This summary screen allows the participant to view their most recent quarter’s results, the last two years’ totals, and lifetime.

If you have any questions regarding these new reports, contact Tara Reis at or 412-624-8948.