How to Request a Personal Monitoring Dosimeter

To request a dosimeter, please complete the Request for Personal Monitoring Dosimeter form and fax it to the Radiation Safety Office at 412-624-8205.

Once the form is received by the Radiation Safety Office, it will be determined what type of dosimeter(s) will be assigned and for what monitoring period they will be worn. These may be whole body or ring dosimeters and can be worn for one or three months. The assigned dosimeter(s) will then be delivered via either campus mail or hand-delivery to the dosimetry coordinator, who is specific to each series and responsible for the distribution and collection of the dosimeters.

The LUXEL OSL Whole Body Dosimeter is used to determine personal exposure from external ionizing radiation fields.

Whole Body

The Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) ring measures exposures to the extremities and skin.