Personnel Radiation Monitoring Requirements

External Monitoring

The following table summarizes the various types of radiation work performed under the University of Pittsburgh licenses. For each type of work, the type of monitoring (if any) is indicated.

For radioisotope users, dosimetry is required for the handling of material in quantities equal to or greater than the indicated activity. For example, a radiation worker handling 5 mCi or more of Cr-51 is required to wear both ring and whole body dosimeters; however, a worker handling less than 5 mCi is not required to wear dosimetry. It is also required that all workers who have been issued dosimetry wear it at all times when handling isotopes, regardless of the activity level.

Type of Radiation Work Activity level for
Ring dosimeter
Activity level for
Whole Body Dosimeter
Radioisotopes (For isotopes not listed, contact RSO for guidance)
Photon Emitters
Group 1 -
Na-22, Sc-46, Fe-59, Co-60, Sr-85, Nb-95
1 mCi 5 mCi
Group 2 -
Cr-51, Co-57, I-125, I-131, Ce-141, In-111
5 mCi 5 mCi
Beta Emitters
Emax < 500 Kev
H-3, C-14, S-35, Ca-45, Ni-63, P-33
Not required Not required
Emax > 500 Kev
P-32, Cl-36

1 mCi

5 mCi
Sealed sources or gamma irradiators

Not required

Not required
Analytical X-Ray equipment Yes As Required by RSO
Clinical or research X-Ray equipment As Required by RSO Yes
Particle accelerator As Required by RSO Yes