The acquisition of radioactive materials by purchase, transfer, or as a gift requires the prior approval of the Radiation Safety Office (RSO). Unless otherwise approved, all radioactive materials destined for the University or UPMC affiliates are received by the RSO. All arriving radioactive materials packages are evaluated for contamination and the necessary information is entered into a campus-wide inventory database. The packages of radioactive material are then delivered to the proper destination.

For questions, contact the Radiation Safety Office at 412-624-2728 or

Procurement of Radioactive Material

Only researchers authorized by the Radiation Safety Office may order or possess radioisotopes.

All requisitions of radioactive material must be submitted to the RSO for approval prior to order placement. Electronic submission may be made through the following links:

For vendors not in the electronic systems, a paper requisition must be submitted to the RSO.

Transfer of Radioactive Material from the University to Other Institutions

The authorized user of radioactive material must notify the RSO of the proposed transfer. The radioactive material must be delivered to the RSO along with a description of the article, such as the nature of radionuclides, the chemical form, the quantity (activity), the name, address, license number, and phone number of the addressee. The RSO will verify that the recipient is licensed by the NRC, an agreement state, and/or a relevant regulatory authority to receive the radioactive material and will prepare the shipment in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

Transfer of Radioactive Materials Between Authorized Users

Radioactive materials may be transferred between authorized users if the recipient is authorized for that particular radionuclide and an Internal Radioisotope Transfer Record form is submitted to the RSO.