Security of Radioactive Material


Regulations pertaining to the security of radioactive materials require that "The licensee shall secure from unauthorized removal or access licensed materials that are stored in controlled or unrestricted areas," and that "the licensee shall control and maintain constant surveillance of licensed material that is in a controlled or unrestricted area and that is not in storage."


Radioactive materials are to be stored in a manner that will minimize the risk of breakage, leakage or theft. The use and storage of radioactive materials must either be under the constant surveillance and immediate control of a radiation worker or secured from unauthorized removal and access. These requirements apply to stock solutions, sealed sources, materials in process, and radioactive waste.


In accordance with the above policy the following shall be implemented:

  • Radioactive materials must be used and/or stored in posted rooms listed on the Authorized User's application.
  • Radioisotope laboratories are to be locked when unoccupied if there are unsecured sources of radioactive material.
  • Material may be secured in a locked container such as a cabinet, refrigerator, shield, hood, or storage box.
  • Any individual who is unknown to laboratory occupants or who is unfamiliar with the work practices in your laboratory should be "challenged" upon entry into areas in which materials are unsecured.


Small quantities of materials (liquid scintillation vials, gamma counting samples, etc.) in the process of being assayed in nuclear counting laboratories, are exempt. However, these materials are not exempt from proper handling and waste disposal procedures.