Gamma or X-Ray Irradiator Use

Any individual using a gamma or X-Ray irradiator must attend a training lecture offered by the Radiation Safety Office. The lecture includes:

  • Regulatory requirements for the use of irradiators
  • Concepts of ionizing radiation and radiation dose
  • Basic principles of radiation protection
  • Health effects from exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Specific features of irradiators and the irradiation of samples
  • Applicable radiation safety policies and procedures

The lecture is offered once each month, or by special arrangement. Individuals must register in advance by contacting the Radiation Safety Office.

Additional training in the operation of each specific unit is also required. Designated trainers offer this training on an appointment basis. Documentation of this device specific training must be submitted to the Radiation Safety Office.
Irradiator Trainers

Access to gamma irradiators is restricted to specifically approved individuals. Anyone requesting unescorted access must apply for permission.

Contact Michael Kennedy at to schedule training.