UPMC Purchasing

UPMC Purchasing of Radioactive Materials Using PeopleSoft eProcurement

Requisitions for Radioactive Material

  1. Create your order as a Special Request.
  2. Choose Category "RAD00". If you do not use this category, then the requisition will not be routed to the Radiation Safety Office for electronic approval, and delays in processing may occur.
  3. For the unit of measure, there are no radioactive units in the drop down menu. Choose "Vial" and include the amount of radioactivity in the Description.
  4. Description should be the catalog number, product, and activity (i.e., NET027, Thymidine, 5.0 mCi)
  5. In the Comment block, list the Authorized User or Principal Investigator name and the delivery location room number and building (i.e., Smith, 6103 Shadyside Hospital). Also, include the words "Radioactive Material" so the UPMC buyer will know that Radiation Safety approval is required.
  6. Input the desired delivery date. If you do not put a delivery date in, the program will fill in a default date which is 7-10 days in the future.
  7. Change the ship to address. Creating a requisition in ePro puts your Distribution default location in the "Ship To" field.

    For radioactive materials orders, edit your defaults and change the Location field to PUH32570C. Your order will then be shipped to the Radiation Safety Office.

    If you do not change the location field, we will do so and the order may be delayed because the requisition has to go through the whole approval process again.
  8. Do not include non-radioactive items on the same requisition as radioactive items.

Notification of Delivery

Items such as sealed sources (i.e. Gd-153 and Ge-68) which are a component of a clinical machine may not have to be ordered but may be received as a scheduled maintenance item. Prior to receipt, notify the RSO via e-mail with the source type, model and manufacturer, and anticipated delivery date.